Yuliang Li

About me

I am an AI research scientist at Meta. Before Meta, I was a senior research scientist Before at Megagon Labs. I have worked on research topics in data management, database theory, and natural language processing. In particular, my recent research interests have been focusing on applying machine learning techniques to data preparation and integration tasks, including entity matching, data cleaning, data discovery, and table annotation.

Before joining Megagon, I received a PhD degree in Computer Science from UC San Diego (UCSD), advised by Alin Deutsch and Victor Vianu. My PhD thesis is on the Verification of Data-driven workflows, a research direction that lies in the intersection of Database Theory, Software Model Checking, and Business Process Management. Before UCSD, I obtained my undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

I was an intern in Google Research during 2013 Summer and in Microsoft Research during 2014 Summer. I was an intern at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center during 2017 Summer.


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